Do you feel panicky, tense or anxious? Are feelings of anxiety causing problems in your life? Counselling could be a solution for you. I can help you feel more in control and help you to worry less.

Do you feel like you are always worrying about things?

Whether we've been woken suddenly by a loud noise at night or seen "our life flash before our eyes", we've all been in a stressful or dangerous situation which has induced feelings of fear, panic and anxiety.  We all know too that it's normal to feel scared from time to time.

Fear or "anxiety" becomes a problem when the feelings endure, happen regularly and can creep up on us at anytime, leaving us feeling distressed and overwhelmed.

Feelings of anxiety are often accompanied by a number of unwelcome side-effects such as sweating, tension and a sense of simply not wanting to do things you would have perhaps otherwise enjoyed such as going to a party or meeting a friend. The knock on effect is that it causes difficulties in your relationships at home, at work and harms your self-esteem. If you feel this way, counselling may be able to help.

What causes anxiety and where does it come from?

Causes of anxiety vary but factors that can induce anxiety are; past traumatic experiences such as bullying or childhood abuse, drink and/or drug misuse, long term health conditions, your genetic make up and perhaps most commonly, your current life situation. Money problems, trouble at home and work related stress are common issues for people who suffer with anxiety. 

Feelings of anxiety in small doses is normal, in fact, it's often useful.  "Scary situations" like taking a driving test or proposing to a partner are often the most rewarding ones.  Anxiety becomes a problem when it makes it difficult for you to achieve things in every day life. For example; the feeling of anxiety becomes very strong when you think about telling your boss your not happy with work and perhaps the feeling of

fear lasts for a long time. You might also notice that your worries are out of proportion. Again, you may feel that if you speak up at work, you'll get the sack. Another common problem with anxiety is avoiding situations that might make you feel anxious. You might decide not to meet friends at the weekend because you worry your partner won't be happy with it. Panic attacks can also be another aspect of suffering from anxiety. 

Without help, anxiety can lead to other mental health problems such as depression, substance abuse and increase risk of suicide. 

How can counselling help with anxiety?

Counselling can help you work out and understand what is causing your anxiety and then take steps to addresses the problem.

By working together I can support you to what you're going through, where the problem has come from and you feel the way that you do. By working together, we can get to the bottom of what's really causing your fears and what it is that triggers the feelings of anxiety.

With anxiety counselling you can learn to take back control of your life and handle your worries with confidence.

Take positive steps now to help control anxiety.


Recognise anxiety triggers

learn to rein in your anxiety before it takes control.


Manage anxiety without the spikes

learn to keep your anxiety under control and stop it from taking over your day.


Recognise progress

Feel good about your improvement and maintain the changes in your life for the long term.


Feel better

Relief from feeling tense and anxious and learn to feel positive and relaxed.

Start dealing with your anxiety today and start feeling better about it from tomorrow!

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