Online Counselling

If you don't live in Camborne, or Cornwall and you would like to see me as your counsellor, I do offer an online counselling service as well as face to face.

I have worked with many clients via online counselling and while it's quite different to face to face counselling, it can be just as effective. Many of my counselling clients enjoy the freedom that online counselling gives them and when you're looking for a specialist counsellor, you don't want to be restricted by geography. 

Again guys, when you are unsure of your feelings and emotions, you might feel embarassed about visiting a face to face counsellor, I know I didn't see a counsellor for many years for exactly those reasons.

Online counselling can be a step towards feeling more confident about getting counselling. whether it be anger management, help with depression or help with anxiety, online counselling can help you.

Benefits of online counselling

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to see an online counsellor rather than have face to face counselling.

  • You don't have to travel - You can have a counselling session from the comfort of your home.  Please always ensure you have somewhere private where visitors to the home won't be able to overhear your counselling sessions.
  • Comfort of being at home - some people are more relaxed when their counselling session is at home where they are in their own surroundings.  This is particularly pertinent for counselling clients who may present with agoraphobia, for example.
  • Suitable if you can't drive - whether it be because you don't have a driving licence, no access to a car or maybe you find it difficult to travel because of disability, online counselling could be an attractive choice.  Being a counsellor in Cornwall, I have a number of clients who simply aren't able to travel across the county for counselling sessions, so online counselling works very well for them.
  • 'Easier' than face to face counselling - sometime's clients who find it hard to meet counsellors find it easier to do it when you aren't in the same room as your counsellor.  Not having a face to face interaction help some clients "open up" and progress quicker.

Can online counselling help you?

If you want to find out more about online counselling or book an online counselling session,  please click the link below.


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