Counselling for boys

If you feel that your son could benefit from talking to a counsellor, I can help. I offer counselling sessions for boys in Camborne, Cornwall and I offer an online counselling service as well as face to face.

As a counsellor, many clients tell me about how “tough” their childhood was, particularly their teenagers years. Some had good relationships with their family and friends; and some not so good. What all of my clients have in common is that they talk about how
helpful it would have been to have had someone to talk to who “wasn’t my Mum or Dad”.

Many men that have come to counselling have talked about how difficult it was to talk to anyone about things like anxiety, depression, anger, bullying, loneliness, school work, exam stress, relationship problems, drug and alcohol addiction and using porn because they were worried about what their parents would think of them and what would happen.

Many boys I’ve worked with think Mum and Dad “don’t understand” or they simply find it uncomfortable talking about their problems.  "My son won't tell me what's wrong" is something I hear many parents say. 

One of the reasons I became a counsellor and work with teenage boys is because I know how tough it is growing up and feeling that you can’t share your problems with anyone.

While I knew my Mum would always be on my side whenever I had a problem, that was one of the main reasons I found it hard to tell her when there was a problem because “I didn’t want her to worry”.

I didn’t realise I was worrying her by not talking to her. I had the anxiety of dealing with the many problems a teenage boy has and the worry of my Mum finding out about them.

While some Dad’s are better than other’s at talking about their thoughts, feelings and emotions with their son’s, mine wasn’t – he simply never talked to me about how he felt or invited me to tell him what was going on for me.

This was one of the reason’s why I felt as though a man shouldn’t express how he feels because, my Dad didn’t. I know from counselling many teenage boys that they feel like this too.

While many men now are getting better at talking about their mental health, seeking counselling and expressing how they feel, many still find it uncomfortable.

If teenage boys are given a safe space to talk to someone such as a counsellor, to talk about how they feel, discuss any problems they have without fear of judgement by peers and parents, maybe self harm and suicide rates alike will decrease.

Learning to talk about how you feel and what's causing you anxiety, can help many teenage boys develop into the men they want to be and not the man they think somebody else wants them to be.

I’ve helped many boys across Cornwall and online, learn to talk about their emotions and how to feel better about everyday situations that cause stress and anxiety to teenage boys. I provide counselling for teenagers so they don’t have to feel as though “life is tough”. 

If you feel I might be able to help your son, I’d be happy to arrange a counselling session with your son, ensuring he is aware of the arrangements too.

I find that teenagers and children sometimes find it hard speaking to a stranger so I provide a free 30 minute telephone counselling session, which helps alleviate fear of judgement and in many cases, that Mum and Dad will hear about “what they’ve told me”.

Just like my counselling sessions with adults, the counselling with teenagers is confidential.

Benefits of counselling for teenagers

Below are some of the reasons why you might want your son to see a counsellor or he feels counselling can help him.

  • Relationship problems - Counselling can be really useful when you feel there is a problem with Mum, Dad, siblilngs, friends and girlfriends.  You might be experimenting with sex and talking with someone other than Mum, Dad or a teacher, can be really helpful to a teenager.
  • Anger management - if you are struggling to control your temper and your anger is a problem, counselling can help.  So many aspects of a teenagers life can leave them feeling disempowered which leads to frustration, which can lead to anger. Talking to a counsellor can help with anger problems.
  • Alcohol and drugs - peer pressure and the pressures of exams, can lead many teenagers to experimenting with alcohol and drugs. This can be very distressing to a teenager and can lead to anxiety about the consequences of being involved with drink and drugs as well as the risks of addiction and illness. Talking to a counsellor can help.
  • Bullying - school can be tough for teenagers; peer pressure, exam stress to name a few and sadly, bullying can be a problem that carries on at home through social media. Talking to a counsellor about bullying can be helpful. Just talking to someone about how it makes you feel can be incredibly powerful. We can work on strategies to alleviate them problem, together.

Can counselling help?

If you want to find out more about counselling for teenage boys or book a counselling session, please click the link below.


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